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Concert for San Michele, 24 September 2016

As the general public, made up of tourists, locals and visitors poured into the beautiful Romanesque church of San Michele, the place was soon heaving and most seats occupied, even those in the confessionals, much to the amusement of those sitting …. more>

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La Scala String Quartet at the Boccherini

Sandwiched between the musical festivities celebrating the build up to Christmas and Christmas Day itself we were treated to a chamber music gem at the Boccherini Suffragio Auditorium, organised as part of the
Lucca, I Giorni di Puccini festival.


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Summer Arts in the Lucca Province

Tuscany in July and August is usually hot, sunny and humid, so it’s not surprising to find an abundance of open air Festivals on offer. Some are simple village affairs where you can join in with the general fun and festivities and sample the locally grown produce. Others are on a much grander scale...


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The attractive park of Villa Fiori at Ponte a Serraglio, Bagni di Lucca, by the River Lima is the idyllic setting on Sunday, 19 May, for the Festa della Colombina...


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Lucca, City of Music - UNESCO

On Saturday, 10 March at 7pm in the magnificent auditorium of San Romano, Lucca and UNESCO met the creative genius of Beethoven in an inspiring performance of his 9th symphony. This was the highlight of a series of performances, workshops, conferences and exhibitions organized by Lucca - the only Italian candidate for the UNESCO ‘Creative City of Music’ award - for the delegation of around 150 people, the theme being, "The universal language of music and art for global ethics.”...


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Visit of American War Veteran to Bagni di Lucia

On Saturday, 15 September, Bagni di Lucca welcomed American war veteran, Ivan J Houston who was back in Italy visiting some of the villages between the sea and the Tuscan Apennines, scenes of military combat during World War II.
His first stop in Bagni di Lucca was the Parco di Fiori, where together with his family he was to meet members of the Italian…